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LTC Tree Surgery of Wigan, Greater Manchester can provide a variety of tree pruning services for customers in Bolton, Preston, Stockport and the Manchester area.

There’s many reasons why a tree may need to be pruned. The tree in your garden may have grown to such a height over the years that it’s started to become an issue, either directly damaging your property or presenting an imminent threat in the event of a storm or bad weather.

Perhaps you planted a tree years ago that has grown to take up more space than you anticipated and you want to reclaim your garden back.

Tree Pruning in Manchester


If you have a low-hanging tree, such as a weeping willow, that overhangs quite low, our tree surgeons can perform a crown lift on it. This involves removing the lower branches whilst retaining the overall shape of the tree, allowing access underneath for mowing or enjoying the shaded canopy that a tree, such as a willow, provides.


Trees that have grown too top heavy can become dangerous. There are two ways to tackle this issue:

Crown Reduction involves cutting of the branches to reduce the size whilst keeping the overall shape, resulting in a more manageable tree.

Crown Thinning is the preferred method of making a tree safer in high winds. It involves the removal of selected branches to reduce the density of the crown. Reducing the top end weight of the tree through thinning results in less wind resistance which improves the durability of the tree during a storm.

Another benefit of crown thinning is that it also allows more light to pass through the tree, which will no doubt please homeowners and their neighbours alike!


If you live within Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire or Merseyside, give our certified tree surgeons a call today on 01942 367170 for a quotation on your tree pruning requirements.

We will assess which pruning solution is most suitable for your needs and, most importantly, will have the least impact on the health of your tree, keeping it in optimum condition.

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