Are the trees in your garden taking too much light and blocking out the sun? At LTC Tree Surgery we can provide you with a professional tree surgery service to bring your trees under control. One of the best options for many customers is our crown thinning or crown reduction service. This lets us reduce the height and volume of your trees while still maintaining the shape – the result, much more light in your garden.

Serving customers in Chorley, Adlington, Rivington and the surrounding areas we are a family run business and professional team of highly skilled tree surgeons. Where possible we will always recommend keeping a tree in place over removal but if this is not possible then we will be happy to provide a professional tree felling service. For most residential customers we use sectional tree felling to safely fell the tree in sections which are then safely lowered to the ground. To find out more about our tree felling services give us a call today on 0161 258 5787.


Have you got old tree stumps in your garden that you’d like removing? Perhaps you’ve had a go at digging these out and given up in despair. Well at LTC Tree Surgery we can help you remove these stumps once and for good. We offer a professional stump grinding service for customers in Adlington, Rivington, Chorley and the surrounding areas. We’ve got the skills, experience and equipment needed to carry out a full range of tree surgery services for our customers.

For larger properties and where space allows there is always the option of straight felling trees which means they are cut and allowed to fall to the ground in a controlled manner. Of course, in many cases, the best option may be to prune or reduce the crown of a tree rather than felling it. At LTC Tree Surgery we can give you honest, professional advice to ensure that your trees are healthy and look good.


Are you looking for high-quality seasoned wood for your log burner or fireplace? Then we can help. We have a large stock of air-dried, seasoned firewood available with a low fixed price of just £65 for a 250kg bag. All of our logs are cut to size and ready for immediate use and are available for free delivery for customers in Chorley and the surrounding areas.

Find out more about our professional tree services by giving us a call today on 0161 258 5787 and see how we can help. We also offer a full range of garden landscaping and clearance services so just get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.




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Tree Surgery

LTC Tree Surgeons are experienced, fully insured and certified by the National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC).

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Garden clearance
Our work is all part of our comprehensive garden maintenance services. These include tidying – clearing the autumn leaves and preparing your garden for winter and preparing it for spring – and rubbish removal that might have accumulated in your garden shed or an out-of-sight corner of your property.

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£40 builders sack – 250kg or 750kg for £120 with free local delivery.