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LTC Tree Surgery of Wigan, Greater Manchester are experienced, fully insured tree surgeons and are certified by the National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) which means they are qualified to fell, remove, care for, crown, pollard and prune trees, shrubs and bushes of all sizes even in confined urban garden spaces.

There is more to tree surgery than an axe or a saw! LTC Tree Surgery understands trees, how they grow and how to keep them healthy. Sometimes nature can be cruel: the tree can fall victim to disease or get broken in stormy weather. Trees need us and maybe you do too.

As trees grow, their branches become more dense which is not necessarily good for the tree or its environment. Tree surgery is a skill that does not harm the tree and, if it is tree removal you require, we have the expertise, the equipment and the safety record that protects you and your property.

Tree Surgeon Services in Manchester

Here is an outline of the tree services we offer:

Tree Crowns:

There are three forms of crowning: crown thinning, crown lifting and crown reduction. Crown thinning removes the density of the branches and removes anything dangerous whilst keeping the attractive shape of the tree. Crown lifting, removes the lower branches. Crown reduction reduces the height and spread of the tree whilst minimising the natural shape of the species.


Although usually applied to bushes, trees can also benefit from judicious pruning. This includes the removal of suckers growing from the base of a tree. If your bush or tree grows over a public highway (including a pavement) it will need to conform to the Highways act. We can advise what is necessary and carry out the work required. Read more on our tree pruning services.

Tree Staking:

Young trees sometimes need to be supported with a stake. If so, the ties and the stake may need to be changed as growth occurs. Staking is another side to our expertise.

Tree Felling:

How a tree is felled depends on where it is. If there is sufficient space, the tree can be straight felled so the whole tree falls from its base guided by ropes and wedges. Even if there is space and it is to fall on a lawn, we take care to minimise the damage and repair the surface after removal. If there is insufficient space, we section fell the tree, that is, take it down bit by bit.

Stump Removal:

After the tree has been felled, we can also remove the stump. There are two options: digging the stump out using hand tools or a machine and, sometimes a winch. Or stump grinding which involves machine grinding the stump to about a foot below ground level and covering it over with soil to the required level.

Wood Chipping Service:

We are equipped with a chipping machine so that the entire tree including the leaves and roots is fed into it and chipped into a hopper. This is a convenient method of disposal and enables us to leave your property in a clean and tidy fashion.

LTC Tree Surgeons travel throughout Greater Manchester, including the Lancashire and Cheshire counties, to provide tree care services required by residential and commercial customers.

We offer more than just tree surgery though with garden landscaping and garden clearance services.

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